The Moon Highgate

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Italian Culinary Mastery
now Graces Kendal

Hey foodies of Kendal and travellers to the Lake District! Guess what? Right at the tail end of March 2024, Highgate got a little more delicious with the grand opening of The Moon Pasta & Pizza Bar. 

It’s not every day you get culinary wizards like Gaetano Zito and Antonio stirring up the food scene in our neck of the woods. Coming straight from the sunny streets of Napoli, Italy, they have rolled into town with a suitcase full of recipes and a heart full of passion for all things pasta and pizza. And let me tell you, their debut has already turned heads and tantalised taste buds.

What makes The Moon so special? Imagine the freshest ingredients from our local farmers’ market, mixed with the real-deal stuff imported from Italy – yeah, that’s the secret sauce of their success.

The menu? Oh, it’s a thing of beauty. From classic dishes that’ll have you dreaming of the Italian countryside to innovative creations that show off the chefs’ mad skills, there’s something to make every foodie’s heart skip a beat.

More than Just Food

But here’s the kicker – The Moon is so much more than just a place to eat. This fabulous establishment is all about keeping things cozy and inviting, kinda like a hug in the form of food. They get it – the Lake District sees its fair share of rainy days, but a meal at The Moon has the magical ability to cheer you right up. It’s that feeling of being back in your grandma’s kitchen, who would whip up gourmet dishes on the daily.

So, whether you’re sheltering from the rain or simply in need of some seriously good comfort food, remember that The Moon is here to serve up dishes that remind you of home, warmth, and all things nice.

Gaetano, Antonio, and the whole crew are dedicated to making sure this vibe never changes, ensuring The Moon shines bright as a spot that brings people together over great food and memories.

We can’t wait to welcome you here!